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Helpful Tips for Redesigning Manufactured Home Bathroom

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Redesigning Manufactured Home

The major benefits of opting manufactured housing for living are the amount of customization options it offers. This ability to add several upgrades enables the homeowner to personalize the living space according to their requirements out of the factory model of the home. One of the key areas where a proper redesign and customization work is applicable is the bathroom. It offers several redesigning possibilities that will create the look and feel of a permanent home.

The presence of several amenities and utilities makes bathrooms the ideal space to consider for a major redesign work. Below are some useful tips in redesigning the bathrooms of manufactured houses.


The addition of various personal items into the décor of the bathroom offers an excellent way of personalizing the space. Moreover, such decorations will enhance the looks of the bathrooms without the need for a full-scale redesigning. Decorating the walls of the bathroom with framed photos, artworks, plastic flowers, etc., induce a sense of more personalization to the space while also adding up to the beauty.

While selecting the fittings in the bathroom like towel holders and mirrors, go for the latest contemporary models. This will really aid in enhancing the look and feel of the bathroom interiors.


Tiles are ideal for redesigning bathrooms, and they can be bought in bulk for a major rework. Adding tiles to the bathroom walls has its own unique advantages, as there are many models available that comes with an array of different textures and patterns. Moreover, one can add a personal design or pattern into the tiles for personalizing the walls while also acting as a better alternative to using a single color throughout.

Painting and Wall Paper

Painting is one of the major redesign works that can be done in a manufactured home bathroom. Using a different color that matches close with one’s individual preferences is a great way to personalize the space while also exuding a sense of character to the bathrooms. Hardware stores can be relied on for purchasing the paints specially made for bathrooms.

Attaching wallpapers that display certain patterns or a painting of your liking is another way of redesigning the bathroom smartly. Eye-catching wallpapers truly enhance the look of the bathroom. Affix them in any large open spaces in the walls by using specialized adhesive to prevent the paper from peeling off due to condensation.