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Steps to Replace Old Prefab Home Flooring

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Old Prefab Home Flooring

You may have to replace the flooring of your old prefab tiny house eventually, especially when you encounter leaks and moisture issues on the flooring. For years, the floors of prefab homes were offered with sub flooring that is made from particle boards that can act like a sponge, meaning that the presence of a very small amount of water can lead to issues like warping, bowing, rots, and soft spots. However, newer prefab homes do not use the particle boards in flooring, but still the flooring can be softened or warped with age and encounter with water.

If you find soft spots or bowing in any area of your prefab tiny house flooring, it will be better for you to repair the area quickly before further damages happen to the flooring. The steps to replace the wooden flooring of prefab homes are explained below. Follow the steps carefully to replace the old flooring of your prefab home.

Remove Floor Covering and Trim

The first thing is to remove the floor covering and trims of the flooring. If vinyl is used to cover, you will need to cut it around the perimeter of the room. If a leak led to the damages, you will need to find and repair the leak now, as it will be easy for you to spot the leak without the floor covering.

Cut Sub-Floor around Perimeter

This is a difficult job and you should be careful not to damage the floor joists while cutting the subfloor. If the thickness of your prefab tiny house flooring is 3/4”, you can set the circular saw to that setting and cut along the perimeter.

Cut Sub-Floor between Joists

Now you will need to cut the sub floor so that you can remove it. Make sure that there are no water lines or wires beneath the flooring before cutting it out. Make sure that you have set the saw to the thickness of the flooring, as this will help minimize accidents.

Repair Joists and Add Insulation

After removing all the subflooring, you can inspect the joists for damages. You can repair the damages by adding extra pieces to the joist or by replacing it with a new one. Adding insulation is the next thing, as it can help you save much on energy charges.

Lay New Sub Flooring

The new sub flooring should be laid in the same direction as the old one. Usually, the subflooring will be laid in the opposite direction of the joists in a prefab tiny house. Ensure that the wood is cut to the proper size to fit the dimension of the room properly.