Essential Landscaping Tips for Manufactured Homes

Essential Landscaping Tips for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes
Landscaping For Modular Homes

Many features aid in enhancing the appeal and character of manufactured homes. Out of this, landscaping is one of the most crucial, which gives a truly unique appearance to the exterior of the home. Landscaping refers to the process of modifying many visible features like the flora and fauna, terrain, and the weather.

A good landscaped outdoors is essential for every manufacture home, since it creates an excellent ambience along with contributing towards the aesthetic appeal. It requires careful planning and the tips given below will help you in creating an excellent landscape that matches your manufactured home.

Sketching and Planning

In order to do landscaping of the exterior of your home, it is highly important to start with a simple sketch. It should point out the layout of the home along with the locations of the front door, driveway, sidewalks, utilities, fences, etc. Just remember that the direction of the front door is to be located relative to the position of the sun.

Landscape planning should also involve getting the right matching plants that suits the soil and weather conditions prevalent in your area. In addition, the proper irrigation methods need to be planned along with this process.

Front Door

The front door is the central point of the landscape. Always ensure that the plants are curving away from the arc of the building. Leaving a gap between the housing and the plants is also recommended.

The locations in which the plants are placed should permit the growth of the plant fully. As the front door is prone to frequent exposure from the sun, it is better to have some plants that can acts as a shade.


Walkways are important in landscaping and guide in the design of planting. Aside the walkways, planting hardy grass and properly cropping them will give a visual appeal to the space. It is also good to vary the heights and textures of the grass to make some uniqueness in the surroundings.

Trees and Flowering Plants

Trees are perfect additions for your landscape that gives shade and a circulation of pure air in the surroundings. For shade, it is better to position the trees on the south, east, and west sides of the house. Trees with evergreen canopy are excellent additions to enhance the balance and beauty of the landscape.

A good collection of flora and is essential for a good landscape. They provide immense benefits to the surroundings by aiding pollination, which facilitates the blooming of flowers while also keeping insects at bay.

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