Prefabricated Housing Concepts for the Low-Energy Future

Prefabricated Housing Concepts for the Low-Energy Future

As homebuyers up and down the West Coast prepare for a net-zero energy mandate – looming large on California’s horizon – these low-energy manufactured homes are providing a glimpse into of the future modern housing in the Golden State.

 Net Zero Housing Concept

First displayed at the October 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo Held in Los Angeles, a team of engineers and architects produced a modular home comprised of 1,790 ft.². Designed for entertaining and flexible living requirements, the home has movable walls that separates the living room and a secondary bedroom. Providing a variety of floor plan options, the primary wall rotates to display a media screen on one side and art on the other – depending on the guest list at your next party. For the master bedroom, the builders included a Murphy bed that, when put away, provided a fall down – to create an office space.

Flexible and offering incredible versatility, these futuristic modular homes offer an additional 200 to 300 ft.² based on the wall configuration.

Innovative and energy-efficient, these futuristic modular homes include a dishwasher that reuses water from the final rinse cycle for the next load and a “power wall” to store electricity from photovoltaic solar panels.

Though some “forward-thinking” builders are pushing the sustainability envelope—and such a home might be in demand today—it is unlikely that homebuilders en masse will pursue the concept anytime soon, according to the team of developers.

“The rising cost of construction and labor are forcing us to do things in different ways, but unfortunately the homebuilding industry is not quick to adopt change,” noted one of the architects.

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