Building a Self Sufficient Modular Home

Building a Self Sufficient Modular Home

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Self Sufficient Modular Homes

Whether you are a nature lover, a doomsday prepper, or you do not like to pay the utility bills, you can have a self-sufficient modular home to stay green and thrifty. The methods used by diehard green living fans can also be used by any average modular homeowner to have a self-sufficient home.

There are mainly four primary needs that need to be met for a home to be considered self-sufficient – electricity, cooling/heating, access to fresh water, and an efficient waste disposal system. Let us look into the details of how to make your modular home self-sufficient.


Solar panels can be attached to the roof of the modular home or they can be made free standing to offer electricity to your modular home. Installing solar panels is of course a big investment, but it will be beneficial in long run and will help you make your modular home self-sufficient.

You may also use a small wind turbine near your homes. A small wind turbine can offer between 1,000 and 2,000-kilowatt hours of energy per year. As per the opinion of the American Wind Energy Associate, we can expect the wind turbine system to pay for itself in between 6 – 30 years, depending on the placement of the turbine.


Well-insulated doors and windows are a must-have for energy efficient modular homes. You can go for double or triple paned windows when building the home and you will make more than what you have spent on the windows in energy savings, that too in a few years.

You can also make use of a well-designed HVAC system that offer zone heating and cooling. This will allow you to heat or cool that zone of the home that is currently in use, as there is no need to heat or cool areas that are not in use.


All homes need access to fresh water, but getting a water line to your modular home can be expensive, especially if it is far off the path. You can always dig a well though, if you have the right soil. The well will keep your modular home supplied with fresh water, no matter how far your home is from the town.

Waste Disposal

You may construct a septic system to dispose the waste from your modular home. The septic system will ensure that the waste from your home is safely disbursed to the ground. In fact, these systems are very common and inexpensive.

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