Prefab Tiny House

Prefab Tiny House

The Need of Prefab Homes Inspection

Prefab Tiny House
Prefab Homes Inspection

Any homebuyer who is in the process of buying or selling prefabricated houses will have to invest in home inspection. It is true that much of the benefits of home inspection will go to the buyer, but it can also be beneficial for the seller.

The Need of Inspection

It is important to get an inspection on all homes you intend to buy, as it will protect your investment for sure. You should understand that prefabricated homes are manufactured differently than the site-built homes, and these differences in the manufacturing techniques can lead to many unique issues that the homeowner will never have any idea of.

For instance, in some of older manufactured homes, the floors may hang out beyond the beams and if steel outriggers are not used to support the beams, the walls of the home may separate from the roof. This separation is technically called as “crowning” and is a very difficult repair job. It will be better for you to avoid buying such a home.

Inspections Protect the Seller and the Buyer

If you are the homebuyer, inspection will help you save many dollars. Apart from the monetary savings, hiring a home inspector will help you save much time and future headaches. Home inspectors will have specialized tools and equipment such as moisture readers, which can offer details that are not available to a naked eye inspection. These specialized tools, together with the experience and knowledge of the home inspector, will be very much valuable to the prospective homeowner.

If you are the seller, hiring a home inspector to check the home can help you find the issues and fix them before putting the manufactured home for sale on the market. It will be advantageous for you to have the repairs done before bringing a buyer into the picture, as it will provide you more negotiation options to sell the home at a higher price.

Home inspections also protect banks, real estate brokers, and insurance firms. In most of the cases, an inspection will be required before a lending institution will offer loan for the home. Some of the states also mandate to have an inspection and appraisal before completing the home sale. In a nutshell, proper inspection of prefabricated houses is a necessity for both the homebuyer and the seller.