The Best Prefab Eco Homes to Consider

The Best Prefab Eco Homes to Consider

Prefab Homes
Prefab Eco Homes

Back in the early days when prefab homes were just beginning off, it meant a negative name among home buyers of the time. Their factory-built nature using cheap materials, bad construction, and monotonous design earned this downbeat reviews about prefab homes of the time. However, things turned have turned upside down with the prefab home industry witnessing a massive growth in recent years.

The quality and speed offered in offsite construction of prefab homes have led to many choosing this method in house building. For the environmental conscious buyer, greener building methods used along with the energy efficiency options on offer will contribute to sustainable living practices. Below is a list of some of the best prefab eco home builders that you can consider.

Method Homes

This California-based company offers net-zero water and energy use. This energy efficiency is maintained by various methods like an airtight construction and high efficiency heating and cooling systems. The company offers three models like the studio model at 656 square feet and the three-bedroom model at 1868 square feet. There is lot of options in customizing besides these base models, which is a great addition.

Blu Homes

Blu Homes is a pioneer in building highly innovative prefab home structures with zero energy requirements. Blu Homes models typically range from 633 to about 3600 feet. Constructed entirely of toxin free environment friendly materials makes Blu Homes highly energy efficient. These homes have a recycled steel frame structure that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Cabin Fever

This company offers the perfect package of energy and resource saving design. It has a rainwater catchment roof and storage tanks built in. The presence of composting toilets coupled with solar electricity and heating generates effectively zero waste. There are many other green housing options provided by this company, which you can consider according to your needs.

Hive Modular

Hive Modular designs that resemble geometric shapes and patterns for prefab homes makes it an ideal choice to consider. The homes have many inbuilt energy efficiency features like heated floors, spray in foam insulation, on demand water heaters, etc. They also allow buyers to customize the level of sustainability they need.

Living Homes

Los Angeles based Living Homes is the ideal housing provider that offers the highest levels of sustainability in energy usage. Their home packages have the LEEDS platinum certification and EPA’s energy star standard. They offer more than a dozen models with square feet ranging from 1000 to 3000 feet.

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