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Why People Invest In Mobile Home Lands

Why People Invest In Mobile Home Lands

Manufactured Houses
Mobile Home Lands

We can strike a valuable deal and ensure resale value by purchasing mobile homes along with a property. The rules on ownership title separately categorize mobile home under the vehicle and the home property under real estate categories. Let us find out the short term and long term prospects of investing in mobile homes with land.

Competitive Advantage

Depending on the strength of your client base, you would never have to be fazed by competition. Even if the mobile home located on a property becomes old fashioned, there is an option of a new home replacement. The varieties in manufactured housing segment, mainly to meet consumer demands, make mobile homes a worthy investment.

Inexpensive Maintenance

An investor, having the right skill set can do the repair works when mobile homes warrant service contract. In addition to that, there are exceptions to regional service rules, which allow builders to hire a handyman to perform warranty service. That way you can avoid the constant negotiations with a general contractor if your expenses are beyond budget.

Appreciation in Prices

Manufactured houses appreciate in value, all variable factors permitting. The appreciation of prices in mobile homes and the demand among buyers goes in sync even for homes having double-wide sizes. Seasons often guarantee appreciation and that is the time when you should cash in on a lot of properties like mobile home parks.

Control over Property

Where do investors get so much control over varying market forces other than in manufactured housing segment? In mobile home parks, on a tenant-based occupancy, the occupants have to rely on the owners for settling concerns. When a party invests on both the land and the mobile home simultaneously, investors get the control over property related matters.

Longer Term Buying Benefits

Adherence to rules eventually leads to tax relaxation, reduction in paperwork and liquid cash when paying off debts owing to tax department on a lump sum basis. The indirect positive income gives a long-term benefit for investors. In fact, laws regarding tax payment do not hold back investors from expense set-offs and property depreciation.

The great benefit of manufactured housing is the features and comforts offered by these homes. You can simply own the homeland and rent it out to third parties and that way even after retirement an income for a living is assured.

Simple Tips to Follow While Remodeling your Manufactured Houses

Simple Tips to Follow While Remodeling your Manufactured Houses

Manufactured Houses
Remodeling of Manufactured Houses

It is a known fact that the remodeling of manufactured houses requires careful and efficient planning. Many manufactured homeowners prefer to remodel their house in order to bring a fresh look to the structure and to make it a lot more attractive to the viewers.

However, if you are planning to remodel your manufactured house, then the first thing to consider is how much money you are willing to spend on the project. If you have a rough estimate for your manufactured home remodeling, then we assure you that your remodeling project will be a huge success. Below are a few simple tips to help you remodel your mobile home on a budget.


You will initially have to come up with a solid remodeling plan before buying things and before starting the remodeling project. Take your time to figure out how much money you are planning to spend for the mobile home remodeling project.

Plan your remodeling project and estimate all costs before you begin the works. If your remodeling plans are fairly basic, then you will certainly have an amount to spend on decorations and cosmetics. If there are any minute repairs on your house, then hire a local builder and fix them before starting the remodeling.

Shop Secondhand

You can keep the costs of your manufactured house remodeling significantly down if you are willing to shop secondhand things. You will be able to find great deals at antique shops, thrift stores, and online stores for that. Try to find a shop, which sells secondhand lights, cabinets, and fixtures, as it will help you to save plenty of your money.

You can easily cut your remodeling costs by buying secondhand items rather than buying brand new expensive items from hardware stores. However, you do not have to compromise on quality while buying secondhand items.

Do the Big Stuff First

When you are remodeling your manufactured home, you should initially replace the most expensive things before replacing the less expensive things. For instance, if you are remodeling your bathroom, then you should initially replace the shower and sink. Similarly, if you are remodeling your kitchen, then you should initially replace the stove and cabinets.

Experienced mobile home manufacturers advise homeowners to replace the big and staple items first. This is because if you run out of money during the remodeling project, then you would have at least completed the major tasks.

Energy Saving Guidelines for Manufactured Homes

Energy Saving Guidelines for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Housing
Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Owning a manufactured home offers many benefits and customization options for the homeowner. Energy efficiency is one such thing that homeowners can implement in their homes. Replacing the incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs is one common way to minimize the energy usage. In addition to that, there are many other options in saving energy in your home.

In manufactured housing, the energy usage is commonly focused to four major areas. Moreover, when implementing any energy efficient practices, it is necessary that they remain largely focused on these areas of the home. Below are some of the tips for applying energy savings in your manufactured home.


The furnace is an important area that you need to consider first when employing energy saving practices into your home. It is an important part of a home and consumes a good amount of energy for its uses. Maintaining the furnace involves identifying the fuel burning efficiency of the furnace.

Fuel oil furnaces require thorough cleaning every year, while gas powered ones require cleaning and maintenance every two or three years. Replacing the older units with condensing furnaces is an excellent way to ensure the highest energy savings. When installing them, make sure that the ceiling gaps and cracks above the furnace are properly sealed.

Heating and Cooling System

Air conditioners and heaters that form the distribution system inside a home are major consumers of energy. One of the first things to check for here is that the air from these systems is delivered freely without any obstructions or leakage. Occasionally inspect the filters for dust accumulation and clean or replace them if necessary to enable good airflow in the systems.

Proper sealing of the holes and gapes in the ductwork is crucial to save the energy consumed. Inspect the ducts for any leaks or holes and seal them using high quality aluminum or butyl tape.

Home Underside

In the underside of the home, make sure the road barrier is intact to ensure proper heat retention. Focus more on the underside areas that houses the furnace and water.

Seal any duct leaks and insulate them properly before patching. Besides that, patch any holes using ½-inch foil faced foam boards and sling patches depending upon the size of the hole.

Sealing Air Leaks

Sealing all the holes around the furnace, sinks, and tub using spray foam, caulk, or sheetrock is crucial to prevent any air leaks. This ensures good heat retention and sufficient insulation in the interiors to minimize the energy consumed.